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 Love Live! School Idol Project (1920x1080) (Sub)

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PostSubject: Love Live! School Idol Project (1920x1080) (Sub)   Thu May 16, 2013 1:07 pm

Otonokizaka High School stands on the border of three cities: Akihabara—a pop culture mecca that's evolving by the minute; Kanda—a conservative, cultured city where history and tradition reign supreme; and Jinbo—a quiet area reserved for a more mature, sophisticated population. Amidst this culture clash, the school now faces closure due to the enrollment of fewer and fewer students.

With the school planning to close within three years, nine female students come together with one thing in mind—form a pop idol group to revive the school's popularity and keep it from shutting down. "In order to protect our beloved school, there's only one thing we can do... become pop stars!"

Encoder: RickyLamperouge

Source: BD
CRF: 25.5
Fansub: FFF
Host: EmbedUpload

Episode 01
Episode 02

If you have a problem, let me know here.
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Love Live! School Idol Project (1920x1080) (Sub)
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